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Where is the hook to get into this market? What is „Customers‘ Pain“ and how can we get them attracted?
Andreas Fein
Where is the hook to get into this market? What is „Customers‘ Pain“ and how can we get them attracted?
Andreas Fein

Philosophy and Ethics

  • To help turn our customer‘s business in an offensive mode
  • Based on his existing strengths – both the obvious and the hidden strengths
  • To develop the company‘s positioning or re-positioning with the customers‘ eyes
  • To link corporate strengths with customers‘ pain*
    *inspired by the EKS strategy method

Aim and result is an organic and sustainable growth of your company. The key for this lies in the strength and competence of your company, of yourself and your employees, and the focus on the market in the future: Why would the customers need us as vendors and partners in 5 years from now?

=> New direction, new ways, new customers

Core competencies

  • 25+ years of industry expertise in the world of auto suppliers, machine builders, factory automation firms, technical facility equipment as well as B2B service providers
  • 25+ years project expertise in Germany and Europe
  • 25+ years project expertise in American-German projects and for the U.S. market, for 7 years also for Chinese-German projects
  • The results of our work are always individually taylored to the specific company of our customer, methodical expertise based on EKS-Mewes, De Bono as well as Helfrecht Plannig System
  • We aim to guide teams by moderation and coaching to get new findings and insights and support as well during the realization if requested
  • Working language German and English including the sensitivity for different business cultures, in particular insight in the American, Chinese and Japanese business culture, not at least through a longer project work for a German company in the U.S. and many business trips to China and Japan
  • We think and work pragmatically, time efficient and always with the spirit of a "goal getter".
Profil eng

Hans-Andreas Fein
Diplom-Kaufmann, 1958

Business Consulting in strategy, marketing & sales  on all markets worldwide

Industry specialist for automotive suppliers, equipment builders, B2B services

Founded in 1989, > 27 years in business

3 employees, office in Stuttgart / Germany

Working in both German and English

European, American and Chinese customers